Free Clear Credit Debt Guide

Credit card debt is a significant problem for many people who fall short on their monthly repayments for a number of reasons.

There are some simple methods you can use to help you eliminate credit card debt and this is one of the easiest and simplest, and best of all costs nothing

The Method

If you have a credit card which has zero debt on it then consolidate all your credit card debts to it by doing a Balance Transfer. Most credit cards provide a 0% interest free period on balance transfers.

It is most important that you meet the monthly payments, and never put any new purchases on that card, or any other credit card, and your debt will start to clear.

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips which really make this method work :-

Always meet the minimum monthly payments, to ensure that you do this set up a Direct Debit, or Standing Order.

If possible, make additional payments to the card, no matter how small the payments are.

Before the 0% balance transfer period expires you should again transfer the remaining credit card debt to another card using the balance transfer method as above.

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